What makes you think he is “Home”?

May be he is just a really amazing room in an expensive hotel, that you paid for with your time and love and truckload of emotions. May be he is that cozy bed you don’t want to leave but have to because it’s just too expensive to stay checked-in forever. May be it all seems so perfect now because it was fabricated into perfection.

But he is not perfect. He is flawed and you love him despite that. I guess that is exactly why you thought he is Home. Because he made you want to come back despite it all. Just like Home.

You see, people can be so messed up, so confused. They leave a perfectly cozy home to live a nomadic life to check in to different hotels – each different from the other. And that’s what makes them happy. Happier.  May be some people aren’t meant to have a home. May be some aren’t meant to be one for someone. May be a room is all they want. And a room is all they will ever be. And a room cannot encompass all this love that you have inside you. But a Home will find it and nurture it.

Be your Home.

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