55 Word Story : GIRLS



“Why did you marry me?” asked She.

“I was captivated by the twinkle in your eyes.” He replied with a smile. She smiled back, appearing convinced. “Why did you marry me?” he asked.

After some thought she said with a mischievous grin “I was captivated by the twinkle of the diamond ring you got me.” 😉 😛 😛



55 Word Story : KILL




She dreamt of success at night. But unconscious enthrallment under the spell of cocaine drove her days to an umimagined land. The twelve months slipped away in stupor. Eventually, the results brought her back  to congnizance. She had killed her time, her dreams, her morale and then, the grisliest of all happened. She terminated herself.


55 Word Story : SIN


“You’ll rot in hell for your sins!” She wailed and cursed her son’s killer.

He began to walk away in all his might. His pallid face blushed with stains of blood. The ghastly thoughts of his assaulted daughter haunted his mind every minute. His heart, a graveyard of memories, finally lay satiated with immoral morality.


55 Word Story : DECEPTION



Photo credits: Sneha Sen Sharma



Despondent. Deceived. Languished. Afraid yet fearless. Indecisive. She decided to give up on life. And there she stood at the edge of the terrace of that skyscraper. She opened her hands wide, closed her eyes and welcomed death. She opened her eyes again after 8 months. Death duped her too.

55 Word Story : THE CAFE


She would sit there everyday for hours, lost in thoughts, playing with the sole ring she wore. One day, while passing by her table, I spotted her ring and picked it up. When she came to the café next evening, I approached her with her ring in my hand. “Yes, I will marry you.” 


55 Word Story : WORK


It was 1993. Ramu woke up every morning and went to work. Stink, filth and muck were his children, apart from seven others. “Government passes The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act”. Ramu lost his job. The Act posed a question on his existence. Who would sweep their poop henceforth?



55 Word Story : WATER


He travelled long and far for days. He was exhausted and thirsty. It was war. He could trust no one. He spotted a river. ‘It could be poisoned’, he thought. After dragging himself a few more miles away, he lied down, unable to move. Thirst overcame him and he died a martyr’s death.