I Lost You


I lost you
Bit by bit
One folly at a time
And with each tear that followed.

I lost you
A little every month
December, May & October
April and again in December

I lost you
Like one loses time
One moment culminating into another
Until one is not left with any more.

I lost you
Like one loses precious hair
Every single day
But thinks it’s okay.

I lost you
Memory by memory
Or may be all at once
You just hid it very well.

I lost you
Or did I?
May be it was you who lost
While I, just loved.


I remember…

I remember when you stopped being there for me. Just like all those times when you were. I am not biased. I am not unfair. I am just. I remember your presence and absence alike. But you were there for me when I could have done without you. And you decided to stop, when I needed you the most. May be, you thought you’ve been for me enough. May be, you thought it was time for me to grow on my own, to have my thoughts reverberate in my chaotic mind instead of sharing them with you, to have my broken heart crushed further and mold it into something else, to take control of my life. All. On. My. Own.

Or may be, I am being too optimistic about you. May be, you were simply not there for me.

I remember crying into the night, as the pillow absorbed my loud screams. I remember going numb and staring into nothingness. On some days, that, would be the most peaceful moment.

I remember creating walls, strong enough to shut people out. I remember creating walls, weak enough for you to walk right back in.

I remember wanting to forget things, to forget you. I remember failing miserably. Over and over again. I remember learning to live with it. I remember hoping not to die with it. I remember so many things and nothing at all, all at once.

If only, you too remembered a little something.

If only, you remembered me.

How Tata Photon Cheated & Lost its Customer

I am not used to bashing Telecom Providers (or any other company for that matter) on my blog (just on Twitter) but some companies are just so good at bringing out that Hulk-ish side of you! I am a Tata Photon customer (for the next 7-15 days until my request for cancellation has been processed) for a little over 8 months now. I stopped using the postpaid connection in December 2015 but continued to be asked to pay the company. Apparently, they don’t disconnect your connection until you “request” them to do so. On asking “Why wasn’t I informed of this while getting a connection?” the customer care representative tells me “Ma’am, we don’t do that…” Of course you don’t! Stating the obvious, weren’t you? Of course you don’t tell the customer that. How else would you possibly rip him/her off? You can make thousands of nonsensical promotional calls, send hundreds of emails and SMSes for the most trivial of things but how can you possibly inform the customer what REALLY needs to be conveyed.

The water rose ye high when one of Tata’s executive impersonated to be an officer of the Delhi Police to get me to pay the bill that has been outstanding for the data I never consumed. Mind you, even then they didn’t tell me where that bill came from! I cleared the impending payment and called the customer care. After listening to more of their shitty promotional recordings for  good 8 minutes, my call finally gets transferred to Rep 1. On learning the facts above, I ask her, no, wait, “request” her, to discontinue my connection. My call is transferred to Priority Desk and I “repeat” my problem again (because who has something better to do, right?) So, this lady, keeps my call on hold and within a minute, the call gets disconnected. Now I am all mammoth and green and steaming with aggression as I repeat the entire process once again. The new Rep, a guy, asks me in the sweetest way possible, why I wanted to discontinue these services. Oh boy! *censored*


I did finally raise a request to get the connection discontinued but the entire process took 30 minutes of my time which I am neither getting back or being compensated for by a Pizza.

There are some pointers for you though, Tata Photon Services:

  • When a new customer gets a postpaid connection, make sure you convey, rather, handover, COMPLETE information to him/her. It’ll come in handy while trying to save your ass.
  • When a call gets disconnected, have your Customer Care Representatives call the customer back so that he/she doesn’t have to go through the tedious procedure of getting in touch with you. If there’s no provision for your representatives to do that yet, make one! If I made these efforts to speak to a guy, I’d have a boyfriend by now.
  • Why make “getting in touch with you” a tedious process at all?
  • Save your precious promotions and other information for SMSes and mails and spam calls. Nobody wants to call the Customer “Care” without a “genuine” problem and just to hear a recorded message play. If we wanted to do that, we’ll probably just watch Kristen Stewart in Twilight.
  • When a call is transferred from one Rep to another, make sure the problem/issue/concern at hand is communicated as well (to avoid listening to the F-word). Problem baar-baar baatne se kamm nai hoti!
  • Lastly, play the call recorded for training and quality purposes to train your staff and improve your quality.

*Drinks water*

*Tu tu du.. tu du..tu du du..tudu tudu*

On “Loss”…

It is not always about when you lose something. It’s about when you realize you’ve lost it. And are never going to get it back. It’s hard to tell whether each loss adds a burden to your existence or creates a void within you. May be, both. Who would have thought that voids could make you feel heavy? Ironical.