My Love Melts


My Love melts

With the warmth of my heart,

The charm of my smile,

The twinkle that unfolds

With the wink of my eye.

My Love melts

When I walk past him

And whisper in his ears.

When I breathe on his chest

And wet it with silent tears.

My Love melts

When my lips curve into a smile.

And even more when they frown.

My Love melts, oh, he does!

When I burn.


On ‘Being Vulnerable’…

I like when I make myself.

Always have.

Always will.

But I don’t like when other people make me.

Because, sooner or later they all leave.

All of them.

And I am stuck with myself.

I become the constant reminder of people who could have stayed but chose to leave instead. People I became vulnerable for. People I let myself change for. People I had gotten used to. People that never got used to me though.

And so, when they made me, they made sure that living with myself, after they leave, becomes unmanageable for me. To the point that if I am strong enough, I make myself again. And if I am not, which is usually the case, I allow myself to be made again.

Until one day, I leave myself, and no one has to make me again.

On ‘Never Being Good Enough’…

There comes a moment in a person’s life when he realizes that he will never be good enough for someone. That no matter what he does, someone will always think it is not worth doing. That, no matter how he does it, there will always be someone who would think it could have been done in a better way. That he will always be surrounded with people with an intense desperation to improvise on the way he wants to live his life. That his dreams will never be big enough for someone. That his thoughts won’t be deep enough for someone to not find him shallow. That his smile won’t be charming enough or his gait, confident enough. That there are endless imperfections seeking flawed perfections.  And in that ephemeral moment, when the realization creeps in, everything comes to a stand still. Just for one short moment. Everything and everyone. Everyone but he. And that’s when it happens. That’s when dreams are pedestalized and judgments ostracized.