Coy and Stub

I have always wondered what happened to that poor cocoa bean, let’s call it ‘Coy’, which apparently, was not good enough to be a part of a Bournville. This is where my imagination took me:


After being rejected and insulted in front of all his friends and the people who more or less brought him up, he got up and began to walk out of the chamber. Sadly, nobody even noticed that he’s gone. Not even his friends who were now a part of something, ah! well, something elite! Coy walked out into the hallway and then silently towards the trashcan in a dark corner. The eyes that until a few minutes back harbored so many dreams were now covered with tears. All his friends have been a part of Bournville and Ritter Sport. He remembered his childhood. They always made fun of the cocoa beans that went on to make a sachet of Nescafe. Bru was even worse! Coy always believed that he was different, that he would do something extraordinary. All his hopes were shattered now. He was utterly disappointed.


As he reached near the trash can, the place began to stink. It had a hallway of its own. Ants and termites bumped into one another. The water drops dipping from a Kinley water bottle was a manmade calamity for those poor ants. In the corner, a crushed éclairs-wrapper was taking its last breath. The worst thing happened to the pencil shavings. Every time the door to the washroom opened, a strong wind would gush out and blow them away and they would be separated from one another. Coy was petrified at the sight. Just when he was about to enter the bin, a half-smoked cigarette stub called on him.


“Hey there Beany boy!”

Coy looked around in surprise.

“Here! To your left.” said Stub, the cigarette stub.

Coy turned instantly to look at Stub.

“Where’d you think you’re going eh?”

Coy was still in tears. He fought back his urge to break down and whispered coyly “to the trash bin…”

“Speak up!” he shot back.

“To the trash bin” He replied. This time more clear.


“Willingly? Hmmm.. But why?!” asked Stub, confused. “No one ever wants to go to a trash bin. Everyone’s thrown here. Those sons of humans first use us. And then, when they are done with us, they just throw us away in a stinking pile of dirt and crap!” He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. “What’s your story, boy?”


Coy narrated him the entire story. In case you are wondering what exactly happened, watch this video here


“Hmmm… That’s it? And you gave up? So soon?”


Coy’s eyes began to well up again and Stub realized he has been harsh on the poor bean.


“Listen to me…” Stub began, rather softly this time. “You see that éclairs-wrapper? A hippy crushed him and threw him there about an hour back. And he’s still lying there helplessly. You know why? Because there’s nothing much he can do about it! He has served the purpose of his life. But look at you! You’re as good as new! You were born to be a part of someone’s caffeine content! And you haven’t achieved it yet. So what if Bournville doesn’t want you? Ritter might. Nescafe might. CCD might. And Bru..oh not Bru. Bru sucks! But that’s not the point. The point is, it’s a big world out there! And it’s waiting for you. If you escape now, you’d be nothing but an escapist! So go, get outta here! Go and do what you’re born to do!”


Coy’s eyes lit up with a new-found hope and fire to achieve his goal. Stub had inspired every ounce of him. Overjoyed, he went to hug him. “Hey hey watch out for the fire, dude! The douche didn’t put me out” said Stub. “Now come on, go! Before someone puts you in the bin too.”


Coy smiled and began to leave. In the next few days, he went from door to door and on his way, met many beans that were just like him. Few had even met Stub! They all went on to become a part of something better, something valued and respected. Some went to Barista, some others went to Costa, and Coy, along with two more beans, went to Starbucks! Fortunately, none of them went to Bru. And as for Stub, well, he continued to be a Santa for many a broken soul and change their lives.


It is the little acts of kindness and compassion that set Santa apart from the rest of the humanity. We love him because he does something that makes us smile. (Sadly, we need a reason to smile.) And so, anyone, with a heart that beats for others, is a Santa. There’s a Santa in each one of us. Most of us simply fail to see him. And you what’s the best thing about it? It’s never too late to see him. Never.





55 Word Story : GIRLS



“Why did you marry me?” asked She.

“I was captivated by the twinkle in your eyes.” He replied with a smile. She smiled back, appearing convinced. “Why did you marry me?” he asked.

After some thought she said with a mischievous grin “I was captivated by the twinkle of the diamond ring you got me.” 😉 😛 😛


A Letter to Nelly Furtado


Dear Nelly,


When despair envelops my mind, my spirits crash and the color of my face turns blue (from red), I take refuge under your song “All Good Things Come to an End”. Without a slightest doubt, your song is beautiful. But unfortunately, since June 2006, it has been misinterpreted my millions. Until this time, I belonged to that set too. All this while, my gloomy thoughts and your libretto were in complete harmony. Akin you, I monotonously wondered, “Why do all good things come to an end?” By no means did I endeavor to hunt for an answer and thus, I kept on sinking deeper and deeper inside a bottomless pit. A short time ago, however, I accidentally stumbled on a way out to your speculations. And now I finally have an answer to your million dollar question (that literally paid you well, a million dollars!) Here it goes…


To cut a long story short, all the good things in the world come to an end simply to make room for the better ones, my dear. As simple as that! You see, I recently read a book by Dr. Spencer Johnson called “Who Moved My Cheese?” In case you haven’t read this already, I’d suggest you to glance at it. The book highlights the importance of adapting oneself to ceaseless changes; the sooner the better. For when a chunk of your favorite “cheese” turns mossy or has been “removed”, you can always look out for a “new cheese” that outshines the former “cheese”. Using cheese as a metaphor for one’s desires, job, relationship, etc, Dr. Johnson delivers a simple yet profound message. Going by the same logic, when a good thing comes to an end, sooner or later, a better one always comes into sight. And the best part is, the best ones never end!



Here’s an instance to support my argument- I know of a friend who loved this guy madly that dumped her after 2 years of relationship. She lost all her hopes and kept wondering for about a year and a half “why did this happen to her?” Few years later, she met another guy who could finally teach her to love again and now she feels thankful that she underwent such a terrible heartbreak then only to meet a guy who truly respects her feelings. So, a good thing came to an end and a better one became apparent. I am also aware of a kind of love which is “the best of all” and so will never end. It’s the love that I am blessed to receive from my parents. Come what may, it will never end. I can bet your entire million dollars on it!



Nelly, I do not intend to criticize the lyrics of your song. It conveys optimism but indirectly and thus, people with brains often fail to notice the latent and the obvious. I merely aim at sharing this little message with you and any one who reads this letter. I hope that people like you and I, instead of retreating from a dark tunnel, will try to perceive the luminosity that lies at the end of it and move ahead.



Kind Regards,


A Newly Enlightened Soul.



The Naughty Intrusion


In the quietness of a  frosty night,

A puny thought opened his eyes.

He looked towards his left and then to his right

Slid the covers and revealed his disguise.

One foot down and a gesture of caution

Another foot down in the same old fashion

Slyly he sneaked out of his house

Into the night, leaving behind his spouse.


The streets were quiet, the night was dark.

Crickets kept insisting but winsome didn’t bark.

This put off the fireflies and they didn’t shine

The town was asleep when the clock struck nine.


In a chocolaty house of the silent town

Resided a hefty little plumber.

He sang a song and became a clown

Until his child began to slumber.

The red-haired wretch then began his mission

And knocked fiercely on the door of Mr. Kishan

Terrified, the baby began to wail.

Winsome began to bark, wagging his tail.


Into the street, stormed the fuming plumber

And many came out of their peaceful slumber

The crickets were stupefied and ceased to creak

The town was brimming with a mischievous reek.


One by one, the lights were lit

Noises began to grow, bit by bit.

Fireflies were happy and gleamed again

Each left his abode in utter disdain.


The cheeky imp, content, made for his house

Slyly he entered & lay next to his spouse

He let out a wicked laugh and slowly dossed down

Whilst each lay wide awake in his night gown.




P.S. The red-haired imp is a disturbing thought that keeps you awake all night and lets you do nothing but think about it all the time.