Casual Disconnect

Have you ever seen a leaking tap? I am sure you have. You don’t seem like someone who would give a damn about water shortage or water wastage. So, what I meant was, have you really gazed at a leaking tap, for long? By ‘long’ I mean about fifteen seconds. I hope you’re not lost enough to stare at it beyond that. And if you have, what was stopping you to actually get up and fix it? Whatever! So, the leaking tap; drops of water oozing out of it. Imagine a rusted tap, going through the emotional trauma each time a drop of water separates from its rim and ultimately becomes a victim of gravity. And before the poor old tap could get used to it, another drop sets out to set itself free. And then, it all contains, the pain, the trauma, the disbelief, the realization, denial, every emotion, in that moment – The moment of disconnection between one drop and another. If you look closely, you’ll discover that the theme of this post is as disconnected as that leaking tap. And the flow of my thoughts, worse.




To B.A. Or Not To B.A.?


About three years back, I was glued to my computer screen, staring at, clutching two train tickets to two different destinations in my hand, coping with the anxiety in my mind and instilling hope in my throbbing heart. I took up Science in +2 and soon realized, that was it for me and Science. I loved spending time with it but I was not ‘in love with it’. And so, I decided to break up with it after 12th. I appeared for IIT-JEE and AIEEE in 2010. Obviously, I didn’t make it. My family wanted me to drop a year and study in Kota. That was Destination #1. And then, there was University of Delhi. I applied for few courses and was waiting for the list of selected candidates to be out. That would decide everything.

‘If you get through Miranda House, you can go’ said my father.

And I did.

That, was Destination #2.


And thus, I chose, Delhi over Kota,  Miranda House over Resonance, Arts over Science. I chose to be a B.A. Pass over an Engineer. Reason? More than believing in doing what I want to do, I believe in not doing what I don’t want to do. B.A. was never something I wanted to do. But Engineering was something I definitely didn’t want to do. There were disagreements in the family, of course, just like one would expect in a typical Indian family. With time, disagreements made way for support. But acceptance never dawned upon the minds of my family members. They still call me a ‘B.A. Pass’ when they’re angry on me. Like wisdom has finally dawned upon mankind and all the women-centered abuses are finally condemned. Or worse, B.A. Pass has joined the league of the aforementioned slangs. But I can’t change the way they feel about it or make myself feel ashamed for something I am not. They disappoint me but not as much as I disappoint myself. No hard feelings.




If an M.B.B.S. student graduates, he is called a Doctor. If a B.Tech student graduates, he becomes an Engineer. If a person clears the Chartered Accountancy examination, he becomes a C.A. But what do you call a student, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Arts, when he graduates? I don’t know. Do you? The educational scenario of the country is so clichéd and lopsided that many ‘right’ things/professions are considered ‘wrong’ simply because they aren’t quite common yet. An academician is often looked down upon as a failure; one that ended up teaching because he/she didn’t succeed at doing anything else. And then, the ordinary-teacher-ordinary-teaching-ordinary-student-ordinary-result cycle continues. In fact, there’s something wrong with every degree except, of course, B.Tech.


Mass Communication : Jhola taang ke bade logo ke aagey-peeche daudna hai kya?

Commerce : Science nahi padh paye tum?

Arts : Commerce bhi bass ke bahar hai kya?

Law : Do takke ke bhav milte hain Lawyer India mein!

Hotel Management : Hotelo me dusro ki jhoothi plate uthayega?

Air-hostess : Zameen kya kam pad gayi jo ab aasmaan me bhi logo ki jhoothi plate uthayegi?


Even within Engineering, there’re Core branches and other branches; core ones being the better ones.

And Daactar Sahab ko bhala kaun izzat nahi deta? 🙂


I have never underestimated any subject or any stream in my life. But I firmly believe in doing well in what one is doing. And by ‘well’ I mean the best, not just good and certainly not average.It’s funny how we limit the sphere of our existence by letting abbreviations define us. In India, ‘to be or not to be’ is not as great a question as ‘to B.A. or not to B.A.’ is. The answer, however, is within you. Go for it! 🙂



Book Review : Beaten by Bhagath!



Author : S.V. Divvaakar

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9789382473053

Rating : 3.5/5



If we knew exactly how our lives would turn out to be in the next few decades, we would probably stop living. For BB, life was pretty much about making good money, changing cars every two years, going on yearly overseas holidays etc. until one day, his sexy lady boss turns his life upside down with her remark, “I’m sure you can do a much better job than Bhagath.” And thus began BB’s journey of Wordsmithery. Hell bent on beating his former college room-mate and a successful writer, Ketan Bhagath (that rhymes with Chetan Bhagath! Coincidence?) , BB begins to spend the rest of his days and nights working on his very own novel. With the intention of being more successful than Bhagath and not just being successful, BB puts all he has got, his family, his time, his energy, his money, on stake. Like a Lilliput amongst a million giants, he struggles to make his tiny book thrive, sometimes swimming with the tide and sometimes, standing still and resisting the ‘mainstream’. Will he beat Bhagath?

S.V. Divvaakar, through the journey of the protagonist, BB, unravels the most intriguing and boggling realities of the world of Publishing, Distributing & Retailing in the country. The gripping accounts of BB’s encounters with various such giants are bound to leave the reader awe-struck. In fact, for a person who wants to publish his/her book someday (read: Me) the events narrated in the book came as a warning. And with every disappointment BB went through, I was like, ‘The end better be good!’ And well, the book ended in a way I couldn’t have imagined, which by the way, I really like about books (and movies). And by the time you’re done reading the book, you’ll find your mind over brimming with thoughts, all of them focusing on coming up with a plan, the plan. At least it was so in my case.

The most interesting and impressive part of the book is its title: Beaten by Bhagath! It works on so many levels! I would love to explain ‘why’ and ‘how’ but then it would give away all the fun. So, read the book and you’ll know what I am talking about. (And if you still don’t, I am willing to deliver a free lecture 😀 )

Enjoy Reading! 🙂