The Tranquil Reflection

“You’ll always shine
With all your might
In my heart and mind
Now and always.”

My heart aches to see you so far

So far that sometimes

I cannot see you at all.

You walk with me

When I stay,

You stay with me.

But I see you moving-

drifting away from me

Slowly and slyly.

My hands reach out for you

But all in vain.

Your feeble rays fall upon them

Even gentler ones touch my face

With tenderness divine.


you seem like a distant dream

That simply fades away,

Every time I open my eyes.

A dream that is embedded

In the depths of my heart.

A dream that constitutes my spirits.

But I long to hold you closer,

Imbibe you deeper in my soul.

A timeless dream that stays alive.

 Reality fades, my feelings survive.

Brimming with exasperation

A desperate desire to bring you closer

I endeavor to capture you.

My hands reach out for you

But now, not in vain

I feel you, the virtual you.

You’re not distant anymore

And as I move my hands

Over the cold and ephemeral water

Your warm rays embrace me.


Authenticating Virtuality?

It’s all in my mind.

Yes it is.

I don’t speak. I think.

I font my thoughts, virtually express.

They crack a joke

But my lips do not curve

Although I smile

I do so only in my mind.

They be rude, I get hurt

But I frown not

Only, my mind’s eye

Incessantly cries.

I feel them love, I feel them care

All the real stuff with me they share

But I have not a clue

If, unlike them, that’s real too.

Book Review : Tuesdays with Morrie

Author : Mitch Albom

Genre : Self-help, Inspirational.

Rating : 4/5

Mitch Albom is one of those millions of people who are lost somewhere in the monotony of life. A sports columnist by profession, he has reduced his life to a mere rat-chase. He is vehemently engrossed in his professional life, ignoring his wife and all the other little things that once held an importance in his life; pricking every single bubble that ever dared to glide. He does not have the slightest hint of what he has been missing out on life until one day, he comes across a TV interview of his former professor, Morrie Schwartz. Morrie was suffering from ALS and was counting the last days of his life. Mitch is, at once, reminded of his days at school and the promise he made to Morrie to stay in touch and he sets out to see his old dying Professor. “Coach”, as Mitch calls Morrie, still edifies him every Tuesday about Life’s little but great lessons.

“Tuesdays with Morrie” is a true account of rediscovering oneself, through the words of Morrie, in the ocean of life. It’s a book that teaches you about the value of life in the context of death. Bit by bit, as the chapters unfold, you smile and you cry, and by the time you reach the end of the book, you know what really matters. And it gets you thinking about the aspects of life that you have never really thought of before. Honestly, this 192-page text is beyond a mere book; it envelops a beautiful relationship between a teacher and his student and the precious, wise and yet simple expressions of a magnanimous soul in a decaying body that just cannot be “reviewed”. Brimming with sweetness amidst the bitter truth, Tuesdays with Morrie is a feel-good book that will leave you a little better than you already are. 🙂

P.S. You can get an e-book here. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂


There she lay, her slender body

Tenderness within.

A smile that spoke of paradise,

Eyes that radiated affection-

A God’s face in disguise

Now just sat on her feeble body

Clutched in pain.

With every groan, a couple of tears

And every drop, my nose did twitch

Cold, she considered. Beads they were.

As I sat there stroking her agonizing head

My ailing mother, woke up from her stupor

And said “You look so unwell, my child.”

On ‘Falling in Love’…

It is like being chased in a sinister night by hounds. Perilous, precarious creatures running after you, wanting to tear you apart, to destroy your current existence and take you to a level beyond your imagination. And then comes a point when you get tired of running. And you are surrounded by them from all sides. You are destined to die. There’s nowhere to go; nothing that you can do about it. All you can do is choose the medium. You are destined to fall. And in that very moment, you give up and you give in at the same time. This is how you fall in love.

On Anger…

As I take a minute off my incessant life and reflect on how things have turned out in the past, I learn that the things that end on a happy note, with smiling faces when all is said and done, are in fact the ones we can easily detach from and attach to, at the same time, as need be. They make your heart happy and let you move on easily and without pain. On the contrary, the ones that do not end on a happy note or in other words, do not get sorted out stay with you forever even if you do not want them to. You are only attached to them and you just cannot detach from them. It’s like, “Choosing Anger Over People”. Unfortunately, Anger is more loyal than people are. If you choose people, someday, eventually, they will all depart. At the most, they will stay with you until they exist. But if you choose Anger, it will stay with you till you exist.