On ‘Love’…


A lot of people seem to think that their love for someone causes them to be sad. In fact, they think, they are sad because they are in love with someone. But love doesn’t make you sad. Love is a happy feeling. It makes you nothing but happy. It makes you feel in a way you have only read about in novels. Even better, it introduces you to new feelings! Feelings, that wouldn’t have come to you had you not been in love. And those are all happy feelings.

To love someone, and just love someone, not desire, lust after, expect from or possess, just love, is truly magical. The other feelings could be enchanting too, but then there’s always a high, very high risk of heartbreak. But in love, you have nothing to lose. Instead, you gain – all the wonderful feelings, expression, happiness, content, energy, inspiration and if you’re really lucky, the love of that someone you love. If you carefully read the terms and conditions of love, which I can bet my life on, you don’t, you’ll find that love is a standalone feeling and it doesn’t makes it mandatory for you to have any other feeling coupled with it under any circumstances. Why? Because  love (and only love) relates to the soul. All other feelings relate to the body.

The world serves you theories on a plate even before you’re born. A vital part of growing up is at least garnishing them the way you want or better, making a new one for yourself. Like I just did.


PS. I hope I am back.