If Only…

He: So, this is it?
She: If you need to ask me, it isn’t.
He reached for her hair and kissed her like it was their last, hoping that it wasn’t.
He: You’ll find someone who loves you more than I ever did.
She: If only, it was enough. If only, being loved meant everything. If only, being someone’s only reason for happiness meant ecstasy. If only, being someone’s life made life worthwhile. If only, having someone meant being someone’s. If only.
He: Then what matters?
She: Bringing out the crazy in someone. You’re my ‘crazy’. No one will ever be.
He: I will miss you.
She: I wish you didn’t have to.
He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. She watched him walk out the door. If only, he walked out her heart. If only.






I love you.

At least I think I do.

You love me too.

I really hope you do.

I often think of you.

I know I can’t help it.

You often think of me too.

I just hope you try.

I cannot live without you.

At least I know I don’t want to.

You cannot live without me too.

I wish… I so wish, you won’t.

A Pair and One More




By the sea,

On the sand

Our feet entwined

You write on my feet

With yours

In words I cannot define

That I am yours

And you, henceforth,

Are mine.


From You and I

To Us and We

But sometimes,

Less of You,

More of Me

And some other times,

More of You,

Less of Me,

And so,

No more Us, no more We.



Those waves

Just hit the shore.

No barrier of entwined feet

A pair and one more

Just the wet sand

And infinite memories

In my verse, you and I

Continue to live together

Even when reality speaks

A million other stories.