Casual Disconnect

Have you ever seen a leaking tap? I am sure you have. You don’t seem like someone who would give a damn about water shortage or water wastage. So, what I meant was, have you really gazed at a leaking tap, for long? By ‘long’ I mean about fifteen seconds. I hope you’re not lost enough to stare at it beyond that. And if you have, what was stopping you to actually get up and fix it? Whatever! So, the leaking tap; drops of water oozing out of it. Imagine a rusted tap, going through the emotional trauma each time a drop of water separates from its rim and ultimately becomes a victim of gravity. And before the poor old tap could get used to it, another drop sets out to set itself free. And then, it all contains, the pain, the trauma, the disbelief, the realization, denial, every emotion, in that moment – The moment of disconnection between one drop and another. If you look closely, you’ll discover that the theme of this post is as disconnected as that leaking tap. And the flow of my thoughts, worse.