Who Am I?



What you’re about to read ahead is not a piece of fiction. It is not about something ordinary. It is not even about someone ordinary. Moreover, it is not as dramatic as it probably sounds.

Not to brag or anything but I was awarded a certificate for being born. Birth Certificate, you see. My superpower is to cross the road safely and get hit by a parked car. But I am no superwoman. I am extraordinary in ordinary ways and yet ordinary in extraordinary ways. In fact (don’t be scared) by ability to disappoint can disappoint your ability to disappoint.

I think more than I think I can afford to think. And in the process, come up with something that might leave you amazed. The by-products of this entire thinking process are some really fatal PJs. Excessive dosage of the same might lead to consistent fits of laughter which may impair your hearing, speaking and working ability.

Need a proof? Okay.

“A Levi Strauss outlet was caught in a fire last night. There were many casual tees.”

“The Indian monsoon does some path-breaking work every year.”

Funny? No? Okay try this –

“Chodd di khudaayi maine tere lie – A farmer in love”

There are more. Many more. Did I tell you I have a PhD in cracking lame jokes? I often use it as a weapon to get people to do things I want them to do. They get tired and give in eventually. A hundred per cent success rate.

Also, I love writing in general and dislike writing introductions in particular. You know where I am going with this, don’t you?

On a totally unrelated topic, my birthday is on April 24th. I share it with the God (SACHIN..!!). I count my wishes, my presents and your presence.

By the way, my name is Somya Singh. Okay now enough about me. Tell me, what do you think about me?



P.S This is how I introduced myself in Round One of a placement I sat for, today. And I was called for an interview.