Book Review : Smart Phones Dumb People?



Author : Parthajeet Sarma
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN-13 :  9789380619569
Rating : 2.5 out of 5

When I first heard about “Smart Phones Dumb People?”, I was truly mesmerized by the title itself. So much so, that I didn’t even care to read its excerpt and quickly agreed to review it. I was happy to lay my hands upon it.

The book begins with an incident that explicitly suggests the dumbness of some people today which is then compared to the smartness of Phones, and the rest of the book tries to answer the question “Smart Phones, Dumb People?”

“As gizmos take over our lives, and in some cases reduce pressure on our gray matter, have we become less intelligent? Have we become dumber?”

The author of the book, Parthajeet Sarma, is an award winning innovator and successful entrepreneur. A fan of free markets and technology, he likes writing and talking about holistic approaches towards addressing ‘base of the pyramid issues’. This is his first book.

The book gripped me instantly at its Prologue. However, as I read more, my interest level began to fluctuate. I liked the book in parts. The book contains some really interesting facts and mentions some really fascinating people and organizations. The author has expressed many positive views on Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Priorities and Corruption, and coupled them with suitable facts and figures, and various examples. However, there’s not much “out of the box” content in the book. So, despite the good part, the book lost me at certain places. There were times when I thought to myself “Is this really needed here?” The reason I felt that way, is that I just don’t agree with the title after reading the book. The two, in my view, just don’t go together. Like I said earlier, I was impressed by the title. But the content of the book, I feel, doesn’t not do justice to the title, and vice-versa.

In a nut-shell, when you weigh the good and the bad together, the bad does tend to go down but with a small margin. Overall, it was a decent read. Fun, interspersed with few yawns, here and there.

You can grab a copy of the book from Flipkart.


2 thoughts on “Book Review : Smart Phones Dumb People?

  1. To be honest, the tittle of the book didnt ring any bell to me. I guess the tittle said it all, that this book lacks soul but your review is refreshing and honest.

    Happy Reading

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