Book Review : MBA is not about Money, Blazer, Arrogance



Author : Krishna Kranthi

Genre : Fiction

ISBN : 9350675005

Rating : 3/5


When I first laid my hands upon this book, I was a little disappointed at the title itself. I thought the book would be some sort of a lecture on what MBA is all about, if not Money, Blazer and Arrogance. But then I started reading it, and as they say, Never judge a book by its cover (or title), I actually began to enjoy it.

This is the first novel by Krishna Kranthi who is a management professional from Hyderabad. He has pursued his studies from CBIT, worked with Infosys, Amazon before pursuing his MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai.

The book is about Revant’s journey in SPJIMR, Mumbai and his quest to find the true purpose of pursuing a Masters in Business Administration; something which everyone enrolled in the course is uncertain about. Like the title itself suggests, with time, he discovers, that MBA is NOT just about money, blazer or arrogance, but it is more than that. The story bears a simple plot and language which makes it easier for the reader to focus on the bigger picture – ‘Why MBA?’

If you are pursuing an MBA or planning to do so in the future, I am pretty sure you’d be able to relate at least a part of yourself to Revant and his thoughts. At least, I did. The book provides an insight to the inside story of a B-School. Moreover, it gives you a previously tested and quite precise idea about efficiently utilizing the time during your MBA (Improvisations welcomed). So, by the time you’re done reading about Revant’s approach, your mind is already forming ideas of its own. Don’t think much, just go for it. 🙂 🙂

You can grab a copy on Flipkart or Amazon.





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