On ‘Being Vulnerable’…

I like when I make myself.

Always have.

Always will.

But I don’t like when other people make me.

Because, sooner or later they all leave.

All of them.

And I am stuck with myself.

I become the constant reminder of people who could have stayed but chose to leave instead. People I became vulnerable for. People I let myself change for. People I had gotten used to. People that never got used to me though.

And so, when they made me, they made sure that living with myself, after they leave, becomes unmanageable for me. To the point that if I am strong enough, I make myself again. And if I am not, which is usually the case, I allow myself to be made again.

Until one day, I leave myself, and no one has to make me again.


11 thoughts on “On ‘Being Vulnerable’…

  1. no one likes to feel vulnerable… i myself hate to feel so… and the best of friends are those who know all your weaknesses, drawbacks, vulnerabilities, but never use them against you- rather they keep it discreet from you even, behaving as if they know nothing- so that you can feel comfortable around them…

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