To B.A. Or Not To B.A.?


About three years back, I was glued to my computer screen, staring at, clutching two train tickets to two different destinations in my hand, coping with the anxiety in my mind and instilling hope in my throbbing heart. I took up Science in +2 and soon realized, that was it for me and Science. I loved spending time with it but I was not ‘in love with it’. And so, I decided to break up with it after 12th. I appeared for IIT-JEE and AIEEE in 2010. Obviously, I didn’t make it. My family wanted me to drop a year and study in Kota. That was Destination #1. And then, there was University of Delhi. I applied for few courses and was waiting for the list of selected candidates to be out. That would decide everything.

‘If you get through Miranda House, you can go’ said my father.

And I did.

That, was Destination #2.


And thus, I chose, Delhi over Kota,  Miranda House over Resonance, Arts over Science. I chose to be a B.A. Pass over an Engineer. Reason? More than believing in doing what I want to do, I believe in not doing what I don’t want to do. B.A. was never something I wanted to do. But Engineering was something I definitely didn’t want to do. There were disagreements in the family, of course, just like one would expect in a typical Indian family. With time, disagreements made way for support. But acceptance never dawned upon the minds of my family members. They still call me a ‘B.A. Pass’ when they’re angry on me. Like wisdom has finally dawned upon mankind and all the women-centered abuses are finally condemned. Or worse, B.A. Pass has joined the league of the aforementioned slangs. But I can’t change the way they feel about it or make myself feel ashamed for something I am not. They disappoint me but not as much as I disappoint myself. No hard feelings.




If an M.B.B.S. student graduates, he is called a Doctor. If a B.Tech student graduates, he becomes an Engineer. If a person clears the Chartered Accountancy examination, he becomes a C.A. But what do you call a student, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Arts, when he graduates? I don’t know. Do you? The educational scenario of the country is so clichéd and lopsided that many ‘right’ things/professions are considered ‘wrong’ simply because they aren’t quite common yet. An academician is often looked down upon as a failure; one that ended up teaching because he/she didn’t succeed at doing anything else. And then, the ordinary-teacher-ordinary-teaching-ordinary-student-ordinary-result cycle continues. In fact, there’s something wrong with every degree except, of course, B.Tech.


Mass Communication : Jhola taang ke bade logo ke aagey-peeche daudna hai kya?

Commerce : Science nahi padh paye tum?

Arts : Commerce bhi bass ke bahar hai kya?

Law : Do takke ke bhav milte hain Lawyer India mein!

Hotel Management : Hotelo me dusro ki jhoothi plate uthayega?

Air-hostess : Zameen kya kam pad gayi jo ab aasmaan me bhi logo ki jhoothi plate uthayegi?


Even within Engineering, there’re Core branches and other branches; core ones being the better ones.

And Daactar Sahab ko bhala kaun izzat nahi deta? 🙂


I have never underestimated any subject or any stream in my life. But I firmly believe in doing well in what one is doing. And by ‘well’ I mean the best, not just good and certainly not average.It’s funny how we limit the sphere of our existence by letting abbreviations define us. In India, ‘to be or not to be’ is not as great a question as ‘to B.A. or not to B.A.’ is. The answer, however, is within you. Go for it! 🙂




10 thoughts on “To B.A. Or Not To B.A.?

  1. OMG you just wrote my thoughts. Luckily I come from a family with Art background so going for english literature for fine inspite science and man I fell in love with it 🙂

    But trust me for an arts graduate the answer is no so simple…..even if you do a phd…for you have studied varied and ur thesis is on another…ask me….but then what matters is in end you do what you love

    I am proud of you 😀 :*

  2. hey nicely said.. but now a days engineers like us also have the same feeling.. izzat tab asil hoti hai, jab kuch naya kar jaye …. to engineer ho ya BA sabhi ek hai yaar

    • Haha! 😀 Thank you. But honestly, I haven’t really been able to do that completely. Practicality takes over my dreams most of the time. Or may, be my dreams aren’t real enough. Or they are, just not to everyone. Especially not the ones I am dependent upon. I hope to change that someday. 🙂

  3. My story… I didn’t want to take the common engineering branches like mechanical, elec, CS, etc. So I took Biomedical engg. People still look down upon me, but I know why I chose it. I wanted to have a different experience. I didn’t want to follow the crowd. Today I have scored above 90 percentile in CAT and have calls from some really good colleges. In all my interviews I fairly convinced them why I chose biomed and how I can relate MBA to biomed.
    Life is all about experiences. If you want to be different, you have to do the different, so that you experience the different, think different and finally do something different!

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