Dear You,



Don’t we just hate it when we don’t know why something happens? Of course we do! We’re humans. We’re bound to find reasons. Reason is to us, what a flame is to a moth. We burn. Yes we do. We just don’t know it. We’re desperate. For everything you can think of. And even more so to find a reason for our desperation. I am a moth too. And I am trying to find a reason. Every now and then, I travel towards that mighty flame. And there’s a reason here too. I am in love with you. And I want to know why. And so I think. I think more than I think I can afford to think. Just when I am about to reach the flame, my very substance is warmed by the warmth of your love. It’s beautiful, it’s mollifying, it’s a feeling I have often tried to describe in words and failed. I catch myself getting lost in your love. And I can’t save myself. So I let myself drown. Love is the elevator that takes you down, whether you want it to or not. You will fall at its mercy. And I have fallen too. I can find a million reasons to like you. And probably a hundred to hate you a little, every now and then. A couple of them might even want me to kill you someday. But what’s love if you like the person all the time? So, if you ask me why I love you, well, I choke on my own words. I do. I have no single utmost supreme reason to love you. I never reached the flame, you see. And I probably never will. I don’t even know why I am writing this. The purpose, I don’t really see any. Still I do, I don’t know why. May be you can figure something out from my state of mind. And may be you can hug me tight and tell me it’s okay to feel the way I feel. And that you are as far from sanity as I am. May be you can whisper in my ears, how often you’ve found yourself lost in the midst of reasons, just like I have. May be you can look into my eyes and assure me that every time you looked, the flame just seemed farther and farther away. Or may be, just may be (God forbid) you can wear a triumphant smile that tears my heart apart, and tell me you reached the flame; that you finally know why you love me, so I know, you don’t.



8 thoughts on “Dear You,

  1. reaching the flame, and burning oneself is set apart, but its the love which makes one to burn, our body may burn, but one’s soul still lives in by loving the counter part.. nicely written soumya…!!

  2. Guess what!
    This post is SO relatable. I don’t know if this is your real state of mind, or just a piece of article for you!
    But for me, its my current state of mind. I am in love. And I don’t know why. I too have many reasons to not like him, and a few to kill him. But as you rightly said, “what’s love if you like the person all the time?”.
    Despite everything, I love him. That’s all I think about. And I find myself smiling when I am alone, shaking my head randomly and shrugging the thoughts of him off, but obviously, with not much success!
    What to do?

    • Haha.. Well, that happens in the honeymoon-phase of any relationship. I would suggest you to just go with your feelings and enjoy the present moment. Sometimes, it’s totally worthwhile to do things without thinking them through. And love, is certainly one of them. 🙂
      Hope this helps.

  3. I guess this line sums up your blog beautifully, “But what’s love if you like the person all the time?” But I believe, in true love there are no losers but only Winners….:) A nice post and many would be able to relate to this post…Cheers…:)

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