Tangled! : My entry for the Get Published contest


This is a story about a young girl and a comparatively not-so-young boy. The protagonist, Samara is a fifteen year-old introvert. She is the only daughter of two upper middle class parents. Caught in between the frequent fights of her parents and their unbearable ignorance, she begins sharing her innermost feelings and desires with a complete stranger. This stranger, our not-so-young protagonist, is a 26 year old struggling journalist. With time, the bond between the two grows, and she begins to find in him, the friend she never had. During one such grave argument, her parents decide to split up. She overhears their conversation and tries to contact her only friend, who, as luck may have it, is himself going through a tough time finding a job that pays him enough to survive in even the most ordinary corners of Gurgaon; and to top it all, his girlfriend breaks his heart by breaking the news of her engagement, to him. Wasted Aarav returns home to a number of offline messages from Samara.

Hey! Are you there?



We need to talk!

You there?

Say something!


Where are you!??!

Why aren’t you here when I need you?! 😥

My parents are getting a divorce. 😥 I just don’t know how to react to this. I don’t know what to do..

Are you there? BUZZ!

I just wanna run away from here. 😥  I have no one. No place to go..


In his semi-consciousness, Aarav leaves her a couple of messages too. The next morning, Aarav wakes up to a constantly ringing doorbell. He sleepily walks up to the door and finds a young girl, tall and breathtakingly beautiful, dressed casually and carrying a bigger-than-normal handbag, at his door.

“Hi Aarav. I am Samara.”



What makes this story real?

It so happens, that some of the most honest conversations we ever have, happen with complete strangers. We live in a constant fear of being judged. And talking to a stranger, online, rules that out. When I was in my teens, I had many such online friends who knew some of my deepest secrets. When I faced any seemingly unbearable adversity, I felt like running away from my own world and into their seemingly flawless one. But I never did. Here, I try to explore, what if I had?

Why this story needs to be told?

Because, the fun hasn’t begun yet! Poor Aarav ends up giving away his address in those offline messages. But what will he do now? Will he send her back? Or invite her in? Will Aarav be the one to decide the course of his destiny or destiny will shut him up and turn his life upside down?





This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


6 thoughts on “Tangled! : My entry for the Get Published contest

  1. It seems really as you said. These things happen and we do end up sharing and opening up to certain strangers we meet. The feeling of not being judge, getting a patient listening is all what makes this happen.

    I am eagerly waiting for the rest of the story. You left this at a very interesting juncture from where many possibilities arise. Good work as always.

  2. I think, presently indeed when the girl is in transition of running away from home or the things which have happened, I do feel that there is ray of hope for to grow in others nest, hence she finds arav. Henceforth I feel these 2 different characters, who hardly have meet on chat, will face the actual challenges ahead. What I feel is that the girl is innocent, and true to her heart, honest and lives in present world, seeking for love by dreaming about the guy. But this guy is carrier oriented, family bound, who is practical enough till these days.

    It will be interesting how these two will act together and on the other hand its also important to know what all the others character’s will come in. I mean presently the setting and mechanism is well developed. Its important to know how you will develop the POV, and also by adding bit of humor, emotions etc.

    best of luck, will be waiting to read more.

    • Yes, Shiv. This is just an idea. I don’t think any of the words written here will appear in the story. At least, not in the same fashion. I’ll do my best to make it an interesting read 🙂

  3. So true!We all have such online connections with whom we share feelings we wouldn’t in front of other friends.They become an outlet for our emotions, thoughts and ideas without the fear of being ridiculed or judged for our true natures which come with face to face interactions.But I feel that often we take them for granted and don’t understand their values till we aren’t able to contact them in this ever connected world.They are like shadows of real people who in many ways help us to go on with our lives…:D

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