Book Review : Heirs Of Catriona



Author : Anusha Subramanian

Genre : Fiction

Rating : 3/5


When I first received this book and learnt about its author, I wondered, ‘what could a girl of seventh grade possibly write to be published?!’ Well, I was judging the book by the author’s age. And as I sat down to read the book, Anusha proved me wrong in no time.

The book revolves around the lives of two teenagers, Sara and Crystal, who have been living as orphans until one day their ordinary lives doesn’t remain ordinary anymore. An old man comes to ‘their world’ and informs them they are the ‘Heirs of Catriona’ and that their mothers, Anastasia and Olivia, are alive and are under the clutches of Merissa, the evil witch. Sara and Crystal, with their pet Jasmine, thus set out for a sojourn full of adventure, thrill, sorcery, magic and danger to rescue their mothers, avenge the death of their fathers and save Catriona.

‘Heirs of Catriona’ is the first book in the Catriona Series. The plot is filled with interesting and quite familiar characters from Norse and other mythologies. Although, there were moments when I felt that the author drew tremendous inspiration from Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. The language is pretty simple and the verbal exchanges, way too simple.

I also found a glitch in one of the chapters. There is a moment when Sara kicks the pot that has been preventing the snake’s venom from falling on Loki’s fore-head. Technically, after the pot has been kicked, the venom should now fall upon Loki’s forehead. But Anusha doesn’t say anything about it.

Nevertheless, Anusha has done a tremendously wonderful job and children can and should certainly add the Catriona Series in their library. Just so you know, Anusha Subramanian is one of the youngest published authors in India. She was only twelve when she wrote this book. She is thus, a budding wordsmith and will definitely turn out to be a virtuoso in her field in the years to come.


P.S I would like to thank Mr. Ravi Subramanian, Anusha’s father, for sending me the book.


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