Book Review : The Bottom Line

Cover Page : The Bottom LineCover Page : The Bottom Line

Author: Sonu V C

Genre: Self Help, Philosophy

Rating: 3.5/5

Stretched over a one hundred and four pages, The Bottom Line is a quick read which, by the time you have finished only half of it, leaves you pondering over a number of questions about your not-so-uncommon attitude towards your life.

I liked the book in parts. There were moments when I felt the book had something insightful to offer; something I always knew but had never thought about before. But then, there were parts where I thought I was left with endless questions without any answers and without a guided thought process. May be that was the aim of the author; to keep the readers engrossed in some introspection in an endeavor to discover the seemingly hard-to-find answers.

The Bottom Line, as the name suggests, talks about “the bottom line” or the ultimate aim of life; distinguishing the aim or the end with the means to achieve the desired end. With a number of practical examples, the author quite successfully convinces the reader that there is something wrong with the way we live. In the process of achieving our goals, we end up focusing more on the means or the medium to achieve them, instead of the goals themselves. He further moves on to drop candid hints about what precisely is/should be the bottom line of every life: Selfless Life. At this point, I’d like to add a little about the author.  Sonu V C, at a very young age of 25, is the founder of Deepika Foundation, an organization which aims at bringing light in the lives of many by working in the areas of education, health and livelihood. You see? He’s a man who practices what he preaches.

It would quite wrong to say that The Bottom Line is a satisfactory read. In fact, it is a book that will bring you one step closer to attaining contentment. Do spare an hour and pick this book. It can be purchased online from any of the links below.





P.S This book supports Deepika Foundation. As contribution to the society and humankind at large, 10% of the revenue generated through sales of this book will go as proceed to the foundation.


Click to view the Facebook Page and Blog Page of the book.


Finally, a special thanks to Mr. Yatin Gupta for sending me this book. 🙂 🙂 ( Twitter Handle : @iYatinGupta )


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