The Leap

I sit by a pond gazing at the perfectly still water.

I see myself in the reflection; but not alone.

There’s someone else; conspicuous yet hazy.

I look happy. Happier than I have ever been.

Or ever hope to be.

There’s certain luminosity in those eyes,

The reflection of which, almost blinds my sight.

The image is everything I am not.

And everything I want to be.

(For it has the only thing that I have not)

It has him.

I touch the surface of the water.

Ripples take the spectacle away.

And then bring back to life,

What I fondly call, my other life.

I turn around. Just in case he’s here as well.

Just in case.

But he’s not.

A barrier separates the two lives.

Firm and brittle at the same time.

I can stay and never know

What it would be like

To live the happiness of all time.

Or I could take a leap

And merge with my desires.

Only to look back in time

And for once, watch myself,

Not crying over what could have been mine.


6 thoughts on “The Leap

  1. simple elegant and great !!! you convey what u want to, indirectly yet efficiently ! evrytym i read anything by u, m proud to b a fan of urs ! 🙂

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