Tonight, Read To Me…


“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges


Read to me

Fables and fairy-tales

Stories of sages

Tales of turmoil

And glorious knights.

The witch’s curse

And the first kiss.

Read to me tonight

Sonnets of love.

Let me be thy

Dark Lady,

Black wired and


And thou be

my Lover.

Read to me

Of my childhood heroes

Young Twist and

Tom Sawyer

Hugo and Potter.

Sing ballads

 In my praise.

Sail me to the

Mystic lands

And prophesy

The ruin.

Read Shelly to me

And Forster and Frost

Chuckle at Chekhov

And read Plath to me

Let Angelou give me goosebumps

While your arms comfort me

Read Neruda to me, tonight

Till I fall asleep.


12 thoughts on “Tonight, Read To Me…

  1. That’s the perfect use of a career done, loved the flow and how you have utilized every author’s worth in our lives 🙂 Completely loved it Somu, keep up 🙂

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