On “Expectations”…

Photo Courtesy: Sneha Sen Sharma.


Imagine every individual on this earth as wooden models. Let “expectations” be nothing but  nails. Small expectations equal to small nails. The bigger they get the broader and longer the nails become. Every time you expect something from an individual, you drive a nail in his body. And others do the same to you. If an expectation is fulfilled, the corresponding nail is removed. This creates a void, probably reminding you that you did come up to it. If an expectation is not fulfilled, the nail stays put, again, reminding you of your inability to fulfill it. Now if you have a good imagination, try to imagine the way you’d look by the time you reach your death bed. What did you see? A body full of nails and holes? That’s how each one of us will be. And I have made my point. 🙂 🙂


11 thoughts on “On “Expectations”…

      • Neither a nail nor a void could correctly justify the expectations or its fulfillment. They both can severely harm the wooden ‘sculpture’. ( ‘Sculpture’ rather than model i think. Our body is beautiful. Isn’t it?) I doubt if there would be any ‘void’ on fulfilling anybody’s expectation. But yes there could be a sense of eternal joy. I don’t know if i made a point or not ? Can’t challenge your writing…:)

      • Well, I kinda agree with you.. 🙂 To be honest, I did think of this point while framing the post.. but either ways, unexpected joys are more beautiful, was what I wanted to convey 🙂

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