The Last Drop.

Drops of rain ornamented the railing of the porch where they sat religiously for their evening tea. The leaves of the money plant conspired with water droplets and tickled Hugo’s ear. The poor thing  jumped in surprise and annoyance and began to bark at the innocent plant. The old couple chuckled at the sight.

“Have you ever seen a container overflowing with water?” asked the old man.

“Joseph,  I have lived for sixty-four years. Of course I have. Why do you ask?” replied his soul-mate in her usual mocking tone.

Joseph and Liah have been more than happily married for forty six years now. They melted into each other perfectly; understanding not only each other’s words but also silence. Time and again, however, they surprised each other with their witty romantic expressions of their love that only augmented their fondness for one another.

“You see, Liah, just before the container begins to over-flow, it reaches its equilibrium. A drop of water falls in the container such that, neither the water in the container spills over, nor the container is capable of holding any extra drop. It’s in equilibrium. It’s stable. Complete.”

“Umm.. okay. So?” she asked, still confused.

He looked at her straight in the eye, smiled and said,

“You are that last drop of water in my life, Liah. You  complete  me.”



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