The Tranquil Reflection

“You’ll always shine
With all your might
In my heart and mind
Now and always.”

My heart aches to see you so far

So far that sometimes

I cannot see you at all.

You walk with me

When I stay,

You stay with me.

But I see you moving-

drifting away from me

Slowly and slyly.

My hands reach out for you

But all in vain.

Your feeble rays fall upon them

Even gentler ones touch my face

With tenderness divine.


you seem like a distant dream

That simply fades away,

Every time I open my eyes.

A dream that is embedded

In the depths of my heart.

A dream that constitutes my spirits.

But I long to hold you closer,

Imbibe you deeper in my soul.

A timeless dream that stays alive.

 Reality fades, my feelings survive.

Brimming with exasperation

A desperate desire to bring you closer

I endeavor to capture you.

My hands reach out for you

But now, not in vain

I feel you, the virtual you.

You’re not distant anymore

And as I move my hands

Over the cold and ephemeral water

Your warm rays embrace me.


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