On Anger…

As I take a minute off my incessant life and reflect on how things have turned out in the past, I learn that the things that end on a happy note, with smiling faces when all is said and done, are in fact the ones we can easily detach from and attach to, at the same time, as need be. They make your heart happy and let you move on easily and without pain. On the contrary, the ones that do not end on a happy note or in other words, do not get sorted out stay with you forever even if you do not want them to. You are only attached to them and you just cannot detach from them. It’s like, “Choosing Anger Over People”. Unfortunately, Anger is more loyal than people are. If you choose people, someday, eventually, they will all depart. At the most, they will stay with you until they exist. But if you choose Anger, it will stay with you till you exist.


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