The Saviors

As the day comes to an end and night takes over,

The trade begins and filthy creatures begin to hover.

“A hundred bucks for fucking me here;

Three hundred and I can come anywhere”

Every night, hungry, lusty ants ripped

Each sugary crystal, bit by bit.

But one sinister night as the trade was at its peak,

A black Inova came by and halted with a shriek.

The doors were shut and the windows sealed

From the edge of a door, a pallav was revealed.



Meanwhile, behind the bushes and under the flyover,

Women were disrobed and osculated all over.

Out of the blue, a dire scream was heard

The congress broke off and hoo-hah stirred.

Out of the hideout, the mortals egressed

Men and Women, partially undressed.

The ominous screech came from the motorcar

A lass was molested right in front of the bazaar.

They hit her, marred her, tore off her blouse

She wailed and she begged, in the death house.



The body traffickers could take that no more

The ruthless sight boiled their gore.

They picked up rods and stones and ran

Got to the car and BAM!

They smashed the windshield and unlocked the doors

They were ‘saviors’ and not just whores.

Petrified, the men took to the woods

Defensive, the hookers rendered her hoods.

Indebted, she thanked them for their goodwill.

“We know the feeling of getting fucked against will”.


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