The Two Hours of Bliss!

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

I am sure most of you are aware of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. In case you aren’t, visit I was one of those lucky ones who got the opportunity to experience two blissful hours with him today in Hindu College, DU. This was the first time I heard him speak and since I heard him speak, his words have been reverberating in my ears. The experience was so enchanting, so enthralling, that I could not help sharing it with you all. What follows is a brief synopsis of his message to the youth and a few questions, out of many, that I could remember and their answers, as best as I could retrieve. If you are someone aged between 15 to 30, I would insist you to go through it. I assure, you’ll love it!  And who knows, this might be a turning point in your life.

A synopsis of his message to the youth:

Have two goals in life. Have one personal goal for yourself and have one goal for your country and this world. If each one of us is able to influence at least five individuals, think of where the world would be! Have a goal of spreading smiles across miles. We see cats and dogs dusting all the filth that they collect on their odyssey and then move on. We should learn that quality from them. We should leave all that is filthy and negative and move on in life.

Q: How  can I draw 48 hours from 24 hours?

A: Through meditation. Even twenty to thirty minutes of meditation will energize you. A labor as well as the prime-minister have 7 days in a week. And both complain that they do not have time. It is all about how efficiently you can work in less time. Meditation will surely help

Q: How can I forget my ex-boyfriend?

A: Well, I have no experience about it but let me try to give an answer. There are 7 billion people here on earth. Out of those people, about half are men. That leaves us with 3.5 billion men. Now let us assume that 1 billion of those 3.5 men are old. So we will leave them aside. Now you are left with 2.5 billion men to choose from. Why do you still want to go for that 1 rotten apple. Pick one from the 2.5 fresh ones.

Q: Why are we born? What is the real purpose behind my existence?

A: That is an excellent question. And you should not share this with anyone. Ask this question to yourself again and again and again and again and again and again… A person who knows its answer will not give you an answer and a person who answers this question for you does not know the answer!

Q: How can we decide which political party to vote?

A: I think we should keep changing them. Vote different parties in every five years. Power makes even the best of us corrupt. Politicians are like horses. You should make a good use of them for five years and then tell them to rest. This will make them all keep a check on every other party. Just keep the reins of those horses in your hands.

Q: Is politics dirty?

A: It is the people who make politics dirty. If people with the right attitude enter into politics, it can be better.

Q: What is the need of a Guruji in today’s world?

A: What is the need of such a question? Now that the question has come up, someone has to answer it. This is the need of a Guruji.

Q: How can I choose a career that my parents do not approve of?

A: Why do you even want to choose a career that your parents do not like? Your question should be, “How can I drop a career that my parents don’t like?” Choose a career that could fetch you a decent livelihood. Your parents may be worried because you want to take up your hobby as a career. It is good to have a hobby. But you should not make it your career. Career comes out of your brain and your hobby comes out of your heart.

Q: How can I cope with the tensions at my home?

A: Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “this will pass…”

Q: What o be my role in curbing terrorism?

A: Through education. There is no direct way because terrorists are cowards. They do not attack on your face. Through education and spiritual upthrust.

Q: God is not supposed to be biased. Why is it  that some are poor and some are rich?

A: God has a complex brain. It would be better if you give up thinking about its mechanism. There can be many such questions you know, like, why do we have two eyes on one side and why not one eye at the front side of our face and the other one at the back side. Or why do we have 2 holes in 1 nose and why not one big hole instead.

Q: When can Nuclear power come to an end?

A: When we have a spiritualized politics, socialized business and secularised religion.

Q: How can I drive away the negative thoughts while I study and focus more?

A: Meditate.

Q: What do you say about the world ending in 2012?

A: Only in American movies…

Q: How can I score good marks in exams in less time?

A: Meditate.

Q: How can I avoid watching porn which is so easily available these days?

A: Meditation and Pranayam will help you keep a control over your mind. It will elevate you to a different level altogether.

Q: How can I cope with a dear one’s death?

A: Time will heal it. Meditation will also help.

Q: Do chanting of mantras help?

A: What is your reaction when someone verbally abuses you? You get angry don’t you? When an abusive word can create such a negative energy in and around your body, then how can such sweet chants not have any effect on our body?

Q: I am a gay. Is there something wrong about it?

A: It is a biological phenomenon and nothing else. Why do you need to be ashamed about it? Moreover, you do not need to label yourself. Such feelings change overtime. There are some men who realize that they are gay even after forty years of their straight marriage.

Q: I committed a mistake. How can I get rid of the guilt?

A: Let it go. Right now. At this very moment. Give it all to me.

Q: Should I choose a beautiful girl or a smart girl?

A: The choice is entirely yours. Choose any. But do not tell the girl why you chose her. That would not make you smart.

Q: How do we know what is wrong and what is right?

A: Some thing that gives you short-term happiness and long-term misery is wrong and the thing that gives you long-term happiness and short-term sorrow is right.

Q: How can I reduce my ego?

A: The secret is to blow it up. Blow your ego to such an extent that it begins to cover ‘WE’ instead of just ‘I’.

Q: What is success?

A: I define success as, “a smile that never dies off. A confidence that never withers away.”

Q: I am afraid of commitment. What should I do about it?

A: Think of it as, someone promising you for a movie but not showing up or a friend promising you to give you some notes but he forgets. Keep yourself at the receiver’s end.

PS In case you were present there too and you remember some other question/answer/both then do share. Make a difference J


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    R Nt ArOund…………………………………

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