The Naughty Intrusion


In the quietness of a  frosty night,

A puny thought opened his eyes.

He looked towards his left and then to his right

Slid the covers and revealed his disguise.

One foot down and a gesture of caution

Another foot down in the same old fashion

Slyly he sneaked out of his house

Into the night, leaving behind his spouse.


The streets were quiet, the night was dark.

Crickets kept insisting but winsome didn’t bark.

This put off the fireflies and they didn’t shine

The town was asleep when the clock struck nine.


In a chocolaty house of the silent town

Resided a hefty little plumber.

He sang a song and became a clown

Until his child began to slumber.

The red-haired wretch then began his mission

And knocked fiercely on the door of Mr. Kishan

Terrified, the baby began to wail.

Winsome began to bark, wagging his tail.


Into the street, stormed the fuming plumber

And many came out of their peaceful slumber

The crickets were stupefied and ceased to creak

The town was brimming with a mischievous reek.


One by one, the lights were lit

Noises began to grow, bit by bit.

Fireflies were happy and gleamed again

Each left his abode in utter disdain.


The cheeky imp, content, made for his house

Slyly he entered & lay next to his spouse

He let out a wicked laugh and slowly dossed down

Whilst each lay wide awake in his night gown.




P.S. The red-haired imp is a disturbing thought that keeps you awake all night and lets you do nothing but think about it all the time.


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