My Quest.


For people are known by their deeds

I’ve promised myself

to remain responsible for every step I undertake

every time I succeed and every time I fail.


For nothing happens for no reason

I’ve promised myself

to discover the truth that remains hidden behind

not to seek but find.


For I was born with an instinct to rebel

I’ve promised myself

to fight always for what is right

safeguarding my rights, reach to a height.


For life’s not a bed of roses

I’ve promised myself

to beautify a few lives with my presence

and spread in their lives, the hues of love and fragrance.


For I cannot keep the entire world happy

I’ve promised myself

to bring a smile on the few faces around me

and remain happy for the dear ones who surround me.


For I cannot change the world

I’ve promised myself

to make my world a better place to live in

and get atleast something out of nothing.


for I cannot know everyone

I’ve decided

to know myself in the best possible way

what I really want and what keeps me gay.


For I just cant remain committed to others

I’ve promised myself

to fulfill every promise I’ve made to myself

and work towards my goal, with a control over my inner self.


But even I am a human

even i hurt others, break their heart.

I’m not perfect; I’ve got no art

even I back off from what I say

I’m no special; for all my sins I’ll pay one day.


I am not always right,even I commit mistakes

I am not so strong, even my heart breaks.

I am not an angel, I am not God

I cannot pretend to be someone that I am not.


But I am happy, I’m contended

not for what I have achieved but for what I have

and I do love myself

not for what I have done but for who I am.


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