A Short Tale.

I was walking quietly on my lonely way

But suddenly in the crowd I went astray.

I looked around for any familiar face

But not a single soul could give me solace.

I felt a jerk, stumbled and fell apart

People came and stepped over my heart

I tried to protect it but it was too late.

I picked up the broken pieces and cursed my fate.

I stood up and started walking again

Battling with the bitter world just to sustain.

I went by a rivulet and sat over a heap

Placed my head over my hands and began to weep

“Why is this world so harsh, so bitter?

I am no more a loser, I have become a quitter.

Isn’t there a soul who can bring my misery to an end

Oh gimme an angel whom I can proudly call my friend.”

I burst into tears, feeling sombre.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

The touch was not familiar,the sensation was new

I turned around and there was you.

You took my hand and sat beside

And all the worries moved aside.

You wiped my tears and made me smile

My milieu turned to pleasant from vile

You listened to every word I spoke

And laughed even on my stupidest joke

You turned my world upside down.

To make me smile, you even became a clown

We sat together in silence for long

The moment was perfect nothing was wrong

But suddenly I saw you walking away

I closed my eyes and began to pray

“Whoever she was, she has entered my heart.

O god! I beg you, please don’t keep us apart.

Bring her back and I’ll never let her go

Don’t break my heart; please don’t say no.”

Tears started rolling down my cheek

My misery was at its peak

There was not a single creature around

After a long silence, I finally heard a sound.

“She is the angel that you asked for, your friend

Who shall be with you till eternity’s end.

She broke all the barriers and entered your heart

And now even I can’t keep you two apart.

Even if she is not around, she is not away.

Unseen and unheard, she’ll walk beside you everyday.

For in your heart you have erected those walls again

You may not, but in your heart she’ll always remain.”

He was gone and there was silence again

The words he uttered, didn’t ease my pain.

I turned around and started to walk away

Pondering over his words, closed my eyes in the middle of the way.

I wondered if what he spoke was really true

But when I opened my eyes and looked beside,

I found you!


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